Inauguration homework

Moomin is writing an essay on Obama’s inauguration speech, for his homework tonight! I watched the inauguration this morning after he went to school, and hoped they were watching it there. Apparently they did. I’m so glad. Now, they’re all filling out worksheets and writing paragraphs about what the speech said and their personal connection to it!

As I peek over his shoulder, so far Obama is going to help the economic crisis and global warming and ending wars, but we all have to work hard to help fix things.

I’m trying to imagine this being a homework assignment under Clinton or Bush and completely failing!

Meanwhile, I wrote up my own personal response to the inauguration, which oddly was not at all about Obama, though I was crying with happiness at the whole thing, and loved Aretha Franklin’s hattitude.

Instead, I wrote about my deep personal bond with Dick Cheney.

You heard me!

I’d like him to go to jail, true. But you know what? I’d like him to go there in a decent wheelchair and I’d like him to be able to get in the door.

Here’s my essay: Deconstructing Cheney’s De-Inaugural Wheelchair.


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