Lava is cool, and by cool I mean hot

In the store that has really cheap underwear and stockings, I found this pair of black tights with flames! Flames! With the middle and feet cut out, they make a great superhero shirt.

Moomin was very happy about the flame shirt, complimenting me thusly:

Mom, your name is Vehicon because you have the power to become all sorts of different vehicles, you have wheels that can pop out, and a propeller, and jet engines, and a big laser cannon that comes up out of your back like an army tank’s gun.

I’ve always suspected that about myself. Now I have independent confirmation!

It took me a long time to realize that Moomin insisted on wearing his fleece pants in 100 degree weather because they’re bright yellow like a superhero outfit.

We rescued some tigers, who are now dressed in the leftover bits of flame-painted nylon.

Then we drew some dragons. I made an ice dragon and Moomin opted for the cooler than cool Lava Dragon playing in a pool of boiling hot lava. I remember thinking how great lava was when I was a kid. It was the coolest most powerful thing ever! Except phasers. Then later in life I learned about plasma, which is always the snotty-kid thing to say in middle school science class to teachers who make generalizations about the behavior of matter. “Except plasma“.

Now I’m deep in my computer and ignoring my child. I hope he doesn’t mind all the photos of him in the dragon suit.

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