In brightest day, in darkest night

Milo’s Pledge
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In the car the other day Moomin chirped up, “I know why my skin is dark.”

“Oh yeah? Why is that?” *kind of wondering what he’s gonna say*

“Because I have lots of good melanin that comes to help me not get a sunburn!”

Rock on!

We had a good weekend. He watched a Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla movie, I went to the Dyke March. We both went to the best comic book store, Comix Experience on Divisadero in SF, and Gamescape to buy a board game.

THEN THE MAYHEM BEGAN… we joined a group of totally crazy silly people in Golden Gate Park for the Ultimate Team Cardboard Box Fortress Battle. The forts were piles of cardboard boxes taped together. Before the battle, the Generals of the Wizard and Robot teams made rousing speeches to taunt their enemies. “Robots rust!” “Wizards bleed!” Beautiful siliness! During the battle, people were doing full on body tackles and takedowns, throwing themselves onto the piles of boxes, screaming like crazy! The kids darted in and out of the battle with water guns!

It made me think of our Godzilla party last year. Cardboard boxes improve nearly any game! Here is part of the yard-sized city that the kids built, before they turned into Godzilla monsters and stomped it flat:

some of the cities built

And here is the evil Mechagodzilla attacking the undersea volcano lair the Godzilla monsters called home:

godzilla monsters defending their home

With all this in his early childhood I really wonder what kinds of funny things Moomin will dream up to do when he’s older. I could picture him wanting to make elaborate stage sets and make movies as a teenager, or else get involved in some Burningman-ish art project or happening.

Anyway, I loved the dorky coolness of the UTCBFB, because it reminded me of my own family and the funny games we used to invent. Everything doesn’t have to be slick and perfect. Just a suggestion of a fort or a mountain is really enough to make a game way more silly and fun!

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