Long day

I had a great time with SuperT, Hamster’s mom, this afternoon, as we hung out talking about feminism and blogging and the kids played. She kept making me tea. I thought of a good tshirt idea, finally… I’ll use the funny pic on my “business card” and the slogan “my bookshelves can beat up your bookshelves.”

Moomin liked his presents. Minnie came over…

The rest of the day was all errands, tediously cleaning and laundrying and running around town to buy frosting, chalk, transformers, other toy store, milk… a million ticky errands… the drugstore… ugh! Then I called kids from Moomin’s class to invite them to the party. I successfully (I think) invited in Spanish. Not too hard. But I felt dorky!

The gyn appointment was okay. When the doctor asked me if I had a partner I snapped, “Is that RELEVANT” and narrowed my eyes… She backed way off… and said it didn’t matter, it was all up to me, but she was going to suggest vasectomy since it is such minor surgery. Compared. I didn’t want to go into it… Then a bit later I asked her where, if one needed an abortion around here, where you get one? Just to test them out… and she said, “We don’t advertise it a lot, but, right here, of course.” I found this comforting.. they live up to their hippie superfeminist-sounding name.

Tomorrow, I have to find a zillion small boxes (I need stuff like cereal boxes, or mac and cheese.. flimsy ones) – obtain spray paint – and spray paint them gray to be like city buildings, for the godzilla monsters at the party to STOMP on.

I don’t know if I will get it together to make a quick pinata. Probably not. I am thinking of my thesis with longing and wish I were working on that instead. Why did I promise to make this party? Moomin had built it up in his mind from some conversations we had MONTHS ago. So I couldn’t bear to disappoint him.

– boxes (friends? grocery store?)

– paint, tape (orchard supply)

– big huge boxes (anderson’s, d. appliance store)

– cake (order one?? where?)

– water balloons (can be done day of party)

– clean patio and yard some more (need to haul stuff to dump)

– juice, soda, chips, other junk from cosco

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