rain and bed

I kinda just want to go to bed with my book and eat cookies. This morning I worked like crazy, then went to the post office to mail off another draft to my advisor and 2nd reader. It came out to 40 or so pages plus 8 pages of “front matter”, which are sort of like the entrails or maybe plantar warts of the thesis, done according to extremely strict guidelines as to how many inches apart everything has to be, phrased just so. “Front matter”. Ew.

The body of the thesis itself I have to start going through poet by poet. And it’s way too long. Yet there’s just ONE more poet I have to add in there even if it means cutting someone else!

Eliz. and I made cookies this afternoon and I made some chicken soup. She was super enthusiastic about the cookies and a lemon glaze, but then didn’t like the cookies or the lemon… She pretended to be an “ancient robot queen”.

I’m a little bit bummed out for no good reason.

Moomin’s in bed reading, with my heating pad… he’s a very sensible child!

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