Meme Monday: Dramatic Chipmunk!

As you educate your geeky child, it is your responsibility to clue them in to some of the awesome silly memes of Internet culture. You can fritter away hours watching video clips, parodies, homages, and reading Know Your Meme giving your kid a deep and important cultural history they will share with millions of other people!

So without further ado, for your own cultural literacy and your child’s, I bring you an important meme from 2007 . . . DRAMATIC CHIPMUNK!

Why is it funny? Why was it cool? Why did so many people create parodies? What is suspense and how do movies and music evoke it? Which of your stuffed animals makes the best Dramatic Actor? Discuss! Add captions to an animated gif with dramatic chipmunk creator, which can lead your child to even more happy times creating proto-sophomoric animations with images and text. That just can’t fail to be an educational activity, perfect for homeschoolers!

Dramatic Chipmunk (or Dramatic Prairie Dog’s) history is told here on Know Your Meme: Dramatic Chipmunk, where near the bottom of the entry you can watch important derivatives like Dramatic Justin Bieber or Dramatic Chipmunk with a lightsaber. You should also delve into the Wikipedia entry for Dramatic Chipmunk where the musical score is sourced and explained. Advanced students of creativity may want to explain the concept of remixing, copyright, derivative works, and fair use! You thought I wasn’t serious about it being a deep culture & history lesson, didn’t you? You were WRONG.

I also swear to god Jon Stewart just did a Dramatic Chipmunk the other day while announcing the Million Moderate March. I laughed so hard!

You have been educated and can go back to bed now. Happy Meme Monday!

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