Mom’s going on a trip again

I’ll see y’all at BlogHer in Boston and DC this weekend!

I’ve been so busy. Moomin and Rook and I finished reading the first Narnia book. Now Moomin and I are reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Moomin comments that his nickname for Dudley Dursley is “SSB”, which stands for “Stupid Spoiled Brat” and that Dudley is very greedy.

This fall I’d really like to sit down with him and write up some of the beginning episodes of the epic “Godzilla Monsters” stories he plays out in the bath with small plastic monsters. The Godzillas and baby Godzilla start out in the bottom of the tub. The other monsters: Mothra, two Mechagodzillas, Rodan, and a few others he calls Weaponwing, Poison Rachnid, and Manda then meet in various ways, establishing their personalities and some kind of plot. Usually they have to cooperate to defeat the Godzillas, to send them back under the ocean. Story arcs in this series stretch for weeks or months. Usually I’m not the one to hear them! Rook is much better at playing Godzillas and making up stuff for the plot. So, my idea is that I could follow along and write up a few episodes as a screenplay. Then Moomin could use it to film an episode.

He has been very interested in photography lately. I want to get him all set up and independent with a halfway decent camera and his Flickr account.

Notice these are all just wishes. In reality I work a lot, write all the extra time, work on editing volume 3 of an anthology about WisCon, and drive around between cities. Mom WANTS to mess around with cameras and the computer and screenplays but instead Mom is jetting off to Boston for almost a week. AAAAAAGH.

Here are a few blogs I’ve noticed lately and would like to share:

Whoopee, funny blog with a memorable post about a magnetic c*ckring. The scientific diagram slayed me.

The Prisoner’s Wife a writer, teacher, and mom, writing about her life while her partner is incarcerated. Thoughtful posts about life, politics, being a (temporarily) single parent. I liked her poem to Obama.

Occupation:Mommy a very sweet blog by a Christian homeschooling mom who writes in detail about doing Montessori activities with her preschoolers, and about gifted/talented issues too. She writes very well about early childhood education!

Wyliekat writes about half-assededness and being a mom with an extra full time job. Notice her cool ASSymmetrical blog header, we’re all loving it here!


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