Not quite friends, not quite not

alligator and horse riders
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For two small people who aren’t friends, Moomin and Sophie certainly have a lot of fun together. They’ve been running around like maniacs, Sophie on a horse and Moomin on an alligator, singing ridiculous songs. I’m thinking again of how they used to bounce together in Moomin’s crib and of how interesting it is that even from before they were 2 years old, they had the same personalities: Sophie irrepressibly joyous, boisterous, bold, and naughty; Moomin wide-eyed, goofy, dreamy, and solitary.

They watched Clash of the Titans tonight. Dinner was chicken nuggets from Cosco, with a side dish of apples dipped in peanut butter. I ignored everyone.

Now it’s the hour of mayhem! Of riding alligators and horses from room to room! (Moomin’s noble steed is the enormous stuffed alligator he got at Laura and Michele’s wedding 3 years ago. It sleeps in his bed every night.)

Eliz. is holed up in my office, reading a new Tamora Pierce novel. I gave her a big speech about how it was probably inappropriate for young people and would have to be confiscated… We had a tug-of-war…. Rook said with great authority that it was Homework Time and so all such books should be given into his custody! Unfortunately, reading *is* her homework and so we’ll have to wait our turn.

Eliz complains, by the way, that the new editions of Pierce’s novels are too grown-uppy. I agree! They look romance-novelly. They’re embarrassing for a 10 year old to carry around school. She far preferred the knights, horses, and swords on the covers of the old editions!

Rook and I are hiding in our computers now! I can’t wait for bedtime and a scorching hot bath with eucalyptus. I have soooo much work to do, translations to finish, a talk to finish writing, and an encyclopedia article to edit. I love saying that. It sounds so fancy!

Should I be putting these kids to bed, or not? I’m not sure. Maybe a little nightcap with whiskey would finish them off for the evening.

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