Mom, why are you making me shake hands with Darth Vader?

Milo with storm troopers
Originally uploaded by Liz Henry.

We had a great time at Robogames today, watching weird robots slice each other into scrap. Deadly 60 pound pizza boxes with scythes! Helicopter chainsaw things! Metal turtles with flamethrowers! The scary, deadly little “Kilowatt” that rotated its whole body so fast it tore up the other robot’s armor with purple sparks flying out!

Moomin liked it!

I made him go up to the storm troopers and the other dude (Moomin was nearly sure that the guy in black is a tie-fighter pilot and not Darth Vader. Nearly sure. Because he doesn’t have a cloak.) He was super weirded out and shy with the freaky grownups in costumes.

Needless to say, all I could think about was how much I wanted to make out with the nameless nerds in evil star wars costumes. Hello. So dorky! It makes my pants come right off!

Instead I took Moomin to see the sumo lego bots, and we all admired the firefighter machines, and the artbots that draw stuff in sharpie marker and sing little songs.

Then off to see Jacqueline Carey reading at a bookstore. “Mom, why is that lady dressed up like that with that tattoo on her back?” “She’s a character from a book, a book that other lady wrote…” “What’s the book about?” “Um. You can read it someday. It’s about.. a lady with a big tattoo on her back.” “Oh!”

Then to a cafe, and comic book store, and game store… Rook and I spent an hour picking out comic books that we all could read. What a long day, but it was lovely.

Now we’re all lying around reading comic books.

We’re huge geeks.

It was a good Fathers’ Day!

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6 Responses to Mom, why are you making me shake hands with Darth Vader?

  1. Mary Tsao says:

    Damn blogger ate my comment. I think I wrote Happy Father's Day and then some other really funny and creative stuff that now is lost forever.Excuse me while I go cry.

  2. wired says:

    Baz would love that. His current burning ambition is to grow up to be a "white guy". We are making progress on teaching him to refer to them as "Storm Troopers", but he told everyone in church that when he was big and didn't go to Sunday School anymore, he was going to be a white guy.Um.And when he says "storm trooper", it sounds like "shorm tooper", which doesn't help.

  3. badgermama says:

    You could teach him about how cool Darth Vader is and then he might go around saying he wants to grow up to be a black guy. Keep them confused, it's the only way.

  4. wired says:

    Good point. Sadly, he knows exactly who Darth Vader is."He Luke Skywalker bad daddy. Bad daddy!Mommy, can I be bad Darth Vader daddy when I grow up?"

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