Playing with your kid’s presents

Originally uploaded by Liz Henry.

This is what it’s all about! Elbowing your kid out of the way and setting up their Heroscape terrain hexes and secretly vowing to get on Amazon right away to order the expansion set with the volcano and the lava.

We’ve played through a couple of short combats to check out the rules by now, and it looks like a great game. That doesn’t even matter though. I could just fool around setting up the landscapes and making the animals and the secret agents with bazookas and trench coats and the valkyries and the skeletal dinosaurs and battlebots talk smack to each other in funny voices.

While I was on the floor in my pajamas this morning Moomin got up on the couch and in a voice an octave below his usual voice, like a classic rock radio announcer he went, “Dragon against dragon. Monster against monster. Robot against robot. Army against army. DOOOOOOM!!!”

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