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Yesterday Moomin’s teacher mentioned his report card to me. I dug around in his backpack, but it wasn’t there.

“Maybe I forgot what it was, and accidentally, last week, or last year, threw it away, by accident,” Moomin said, with a vague, superior air.

Hint: if you are going to claim something happened last week, make sure it didn’t JUST happen that very day…

Big yet kindly WTF-ing from me and Moomin’s teacher.

“Well, besides, I think I just kind of forgot about it, and threw it away accidentally somewhere. And besides, I think it said that I was in first grade. And I was in first grade on the last report card so that’s kind of not right. So, I don’t know where it is. But probably somewhere in a trashcan… by accident… because I forgot that it was a report card…”


It was right next to his desk in the trash! All I can think of is that maybe in a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon, maybe Calvin was all guilty over his report card?

It was futile anyway, since the teacher prints all that stuff out from her computer.

I liked Minnie’s response… “life lesson learned for Moomin: next time, hack into computer to trash your report card.”

Of course the report card was fabulous and was hardly news. He’s doing well, above grade level in everything, keeping up. Can be daydreamy or not listening, and is vague when given a sequence of directions in a group, like “everyone finish up the coloring and put the workbooks away over here and your crayons over there and come sit down on the floor.” Riiiiight… that’s pretty much like telling him, “Hey Moomin, why don’t you stare off into space for a while, with crayons listlessly drooling from your hands, muttering under your breath.” Fortunately his teacher is fine with this and is a slacker at heart.

The whole “conference” was funny because we slipped from discussing lexile levels to kind of waving our hands and saying “Oh whatever, he’s fine… he’s only 5… hahahaha…” So he doesn’t always finish in-class assignments. The teacher knows he can do it quickly sometimes and is not being willful, just a bit spaced-out. We talked about his reading level… he reads at around a 6th grade level as far as being able to read with expression & that level of vocabulary. (apparently “charlotte’s web” is 6th grade level?!) But his comprehension is more like 3rd grade level and he doesn’t like to read above that level very much. Unless you count comic books – I certainly count them.

The work brought home was sort of boring… they have to write these structured paragraphs… sometimes super cute but other times it just sounds like they’re copying stuff. I start to freak a little about how uncreative it all is… but, whatever!

Well, I do like to know that they are getting little lessons about what a sentence is. Then I can point that stuff out and reinforce it. The homework is always the same sort of phonics stuff from a workbook. From other stuff I saw, it seems clear that he is good at taking tests. This is nice to know. It will make almost everything easy. I’m relieved (again… or continually) that it was an okay decision to bump him up into first grade.

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