How not to talk to your teacher

Moomin had his second report card of the year and got very good grades. I went to the parent-teacher conference thinking “THIS time I’m going to keep my mouth shut. I’ll listen to what the teachers have to say, since the point of this is for me to find out what they think about how my kid’s doing in school.”

Did I keep my mouth shut and listen… NO. I started babbling right away, knowing that BS was coming out of me, mostly defensive stuff and long pointless explanations of Moomin’s psychology. They don’t want to hear it! And it doesn’t do any one a bit of good!

Knowing that didn’t help me stop doing it. It pokes me right in my tender mom-spot for other people to even vaguely imply that there is a flaw in my child… or in what I do as a parent.

Next time I *swear* to shut up and listen.

They said good things about his imagination, creativity, and depth of knowledge, which was nice to hear.

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