Sand castles and cesarians

mom with drip castle
Originally uploaded by Liz Henry.

My mom maintains her reputation as a cool mom who gets down and plays and gets dirty. Like me, she does it because she likes to play in the sand. It was just a contest of which one of us could move our knees up from a squatting position while trying not to groan with effort. (Neither one.)

Moomin made his toy sea lion explore the ocean. Then he discovered the volcano island castle, at my suggestion (I was thinking of the Jack London story of the White Seal.) There was a long story about radioactivity, living rocks that lifted the seal to the center of the volcano, some armies, and a “General Moomin” who was running things.

We managed to play with him, but still got in a lot of family gossip. I think my favorite story was how, when she was pregnant with my sister, they had declared a due date and scheduled a cesarian. At the last minute, a doctor sent her in to get an x-ray, without explaining why. They tried to send her home from the hospital, claiming that the x-ray showed her baby to be only 4 pounds!

What nonsense on so many levels!

Of course my mom… 23 years old, hugely pregnant, 5 feet tall, really kind of a shy person, and flat on her back in some xray room, furiously refused to allow this. My sister was born the same day! I liked the thought of my mom who will never stand for any damned nonsense digging in her heels and telling them all to go to hell.

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  1. Mom always try to do better for kids no matter what's the situation because she always care about kids. Same as your mom do for you now a days so stay relax.

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