moody overwork and guilt

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When I’m stressed and moody like this I worry that I’m not being a good parent or good for, good to, anyone around me… I’m either working hard or I’m stressing about working hard or I’m desperately pursuing relief from all of that.

Then I drift over to Moomin to play some parcheesi… and try to mask my guilt and how antsy I am to get back to work on my project. 20 minutes later I’m back at my desk.

I keep telling myself it’s temporary, but what if it’s not? What if ambition and love of work means that I will never quite change gears back out of this frame of mind?

I want to eat chocolate and curl up in bed or in the sun, and read Pern books, and burst into tears for no good reason…

That makes me think about moods. For example, is it good in general for me to be communicative about them? I operate on the theory that if I’m like this, it’s good to warn Rook and say that I’m moody and stressed and he should avoid me for a bit. But is that a good thing? What if really… I’m always saying that? Or what if it’s like I’m asking for a free pass to be an asshole, because I’m in a mood?

I do notice when other people do this. Especially with anger. When other people make a big point of warning me they’re angry and about to get angrier, that can be okay, but often is a red flag that they’re about to act like a complete jerk and they expect to be absolved from it. It’s also a threat, that they want you to know their anger is dangerous and you have to tiptoe around it. That’s not right.

On the other hand, sometimes my own mom would get in a state where it seemed like the rules changed. And there was “friend-Mom” who was in a good mood and there was one set of really slack rules for that. But the same behavior would not cut it, if she were stressed, tense, had a headache, etc. And it took me a long time as a kid to figure that out. So I have actually tried to explain to Moomin that I’m working extra hard and can’t play so much, and marked the end of my project on the calendar.

“Moods” and stress to me are not an excuse… they are a sign that something is wrong and needs adjusting in my life. So I’m accepting this mood and this slight craziness until my thesis is done, but after that, I am going to make sure I don’t keep pressuring myself and that I spend more time relaxing with Moomin and Rook and Chula.

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6 Responses to moody overwork and guilt

  1. wired says:

    This particular angst is something I know intimately. It literally brought me to tears on Friday morning when Baz crawled into bed with me and asked me as a special favor to stay home with him.I can't. I really can't. I've scheduled the week so that they get about as much mommy time as they would if I worked 8 hour days much closer to home, so I can't miss any days.It really makes me think about what we have asked fathers to do, all these years, to be okay with coming home and having dinner and maybe an hour or two of parenting, and maybe something on the weekend.

  2. Meghan says:

    It may sound impossible and ridiculous, but if there is a way to carve out some alone time and go for a walk, or do something nice and preferably, quiet for yourself you will likely come out ahead due to the increase in mental health. I think it makes a person MORE productive. Don't laugh. It's not impossible if you are committed to giving yourself a little balance. Bad things happen when we stretch ourselves too thin. Again, don't laugh. As mother's we are always stretched too thin. I am talking about being stretched REALLY thin. Like, about to lose your shit thin. Ha. Good luck, and keep your eye on that calendar. It helps to see that finish line.

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