Super ninja now in the hospital

Super ninjas
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Well, Moomin has appendicitis. He was barfing on Friday, seemed to be firmly on the way to recovery on Saturday, and then on Sunday began hurting quite a lot. When we couldn’t comfort him or distract him from pain, and he started crying, and then screaming… I picked him up to take him to the car, put some shorts on and get some stuff, then as his screaming turned to total agony I realized shorts and more stuff were not important. I have often imagined hauling ass to the hospital with a screaming kid with a broken bone or severed finger or something… it was much as I imagined.

Rook joined me afterwards, I think after they gave Moomin the morphine. A stream of doctors hmmmmed and thought it was very very very likely appendicitis. A hellish CT scan was inconclusive. Transfer to Stafnord Children’s Hospital. Antibiotics. High fever. “Does this hurt? “Ow… I’m not sure.. ow ow ow ow ow” (Said with restrained politeness that makes it sound totally fake). But then if you tried to get him to sit up, screams of pain. More morphine. More blood draws. All experiences full of stories. Anyway, Rook stayed with him last night so i could go home and sleep. Now he’s home. The ultrasound this morning around 8am gave us a for-sure diagnosis of appendicitis.

Moomin is in the operating room now.

The anesthesiologists totally forgot my shot of whisky.

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