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Congee in a crockpot

I made up the best congee recipe this weekend. While I like to cook, it takes up time and energy, so I make a lot of food in a slow cooker and eat it all week. Congee is a savory … finish reading Congee in a crockpot

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Ice cream in a bag!

Moomin and Rook made Howtoons Ice Cream tonight in a couple of heavy-duty ziplock bags. The cream and eggs and sugar were in a small bag locked inside a larger bag of ice and salt. So, they wore welding and … finish reading Ice cream in a bag!

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Lemons and pacman cookies

pacman cookies Originally uploaded by Liz Henry. Iz: And there sure are a lot of lemons over here on this lemon tree. Hey, we could make some lemonade and have a restaurant. And pick flowers. When I make lemonade at … finish reading Lemons and pacman cookies

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