Lemons and pacman cookies

pacman cookies
Originally uploaded by Liz Henry.

Iz: And there sure are a lot of lemons over here on this lemon tree. Hey, we could make some lemonade and have a restaurant. And pick flowers. When I make lemonade at Marin’s and Napa’s house we use BROWN sugar because the other kind is too sweet. Because it’s too sweet. These sure are some yellow lemons,

Moomin: What will we call the restonaut?

Iz: and I wonder if the brown spots make a difference and if they mean it’s ripe or if they mean it’s no good? Hey, this is a mutant lemon. This one’s a huge mutant lemon and this other one has

Moomin: Excuse me, Iz, what will we call the restonaut?

Iz: a bee on it or a fly or something and so we won’t pick that one because it will be all germy. And we’ll have so much lemonade and we’ll use a vase to make a centerpiece for the restaurant and

Moomin: HEY TALK TALK TALKER!!!! I’m talking to YOU, MS. TALK TALK TALKER!!!! I *said*, What will we call the restonaut?

Iz: Oh. Um, how about, “The Loose Tooth Restaurant”.

Moomin: Um, no. We will call it “The Flower Cafe”.

Dude. That ruled. It was funny to see the (not really) mild mannered Moomin call her out!

I enjoy Iz’s running commentary! It’s just like being in my own brain!

I’m going to give them the really gross “fundraiser dough” cookies we made yesterday for their cafe. No one wants to eat those cookies, ever.

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