Teach me how to clean my room, please

I knew this was coming.

“Mom, can you show me how to spread out my blanket across my whole bed? Because I think I like that.”

The baby who could eat a fudgesicle at the park without getting his hands or face chocolatey — the toddler who refused to fingerpaint or play in the mud — has turned into a 6 year old who begs me for bed-making tips.

He just explained to me at length that he likes his room to be clean, and for things to be in the right places, and his animals are happier when the bed is made, so could I help him do that, and show him how?

We made the bed. You can see how it looks.

Then he asked if he could please go and do another page of homework.

Oh help…. It’s cool but it’s scary…

Thank god half an hour later we were dancing around wearing underwear on our heads and chanting “Captain Sillypants, Penguin Sillypants, Armadillo Sillypants, I-am-from-the-underwear-planet-take-me-to-your-leader!” That, I know how to do.

“Mom, we could make a book called, The Book of Silly Underpants Stuff, and we’ll take pictures of all the silly things you can do with underpants! Hahahaha!”

Okay, okay, we can do that tomorrow, but it’s time for bed now. In bed. Lights out! Bedtime! Sleep! It’s past your bedtime! (I’m so responsible! Go, me!)

“Mom aren’t you forgetting something? You forgot I have to brush my teeth. And before I brush my teeth I have to take my medicine.”


Next he’ll be doing my taxes… with underpants on his head…

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