The dreaded line of SUVs

Line of SUVs outside the school
Originally uploaded by Liz Henry.

My house is two blocks away from an elementary and a middle school, so every day twice a day I see the scene in this photo: a enormous line of SUVs stretching far down the street.

I am sure some people have sleeping babies strapped into carseats. Those of you with small children strapped in, go ahead and line up. But the rest of them, for god’s sake, park a couple of blocks away and walk! Walking! Not so bad for you! It’s a nice day out!

Oh, and this corner and the one on the other side of the school – both of them need a 4-way stop with stop signs and crosswalks. The SUVs are especially scary. I’m not buying into a stereotype when I say that damn near everyone in them is on the phone and drinking a latte… and they are also ill tempered at being in traffic. Traffic they’re needlessly causing.

*crankily signing off*

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