Halloween costume construction project

Colossal Red Dragon
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Today in Joann Fabrics I met this chick buying yellow fabric. Her kid was kicking around the candy aisle wearing yellow crocs and a yellow shirt. He had demanded a “Yellow Shark” costume. I felt her pain. Me, I have to construct a red dragon outfit.

My local Moms’ Club came through – I asked where to buy a red hooded sweatshirt, and got an immediate answer that they were $6.00 at Mervyn’s. It was true! So, 6 bucks, and 5 more for red sparkly pipe cleaners, red glitter glue, and some sheets of felt. I think that should do it for the costume. When I make it, I’ll take pictures.

Oh, and I’m supposed to dress myself as “a knight, a lady knight, like Xena Warrior Princess.” I’m not sure about that. I was picturing myself as a much butcher knight.

Then today someone on the list asked how to do a sequoia tree costume. I was imagining how much fun that could be with brown pipe cleaners and short green fringe. And some real sequoia pine cones – they’re all over my neighborhood.

Y’all didn’t know I was so crafty, did you?

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