The Stupendous Seven in the tub, in battle

swimming goggles
Originally uploaded by Liz Henry.

“Hey Mom, if you had the Fantastic Four, and another team of superheroes that I just made up called the Stupendous Seven, and if they were my toes, and one of them died, then they’d be like this:”

*fight fight fight fight fight kick kick splash*

*fight fight fight fight fight* “Ha HA! Got you!”

That was the scene in the tub just now. The Fantastic Four (as toes) fought the Stupendous Seven, down in the deep end. One unlucky toe of the Stupendous was sort of on the wrong team (foot) trapped next to the Four.

He should never be bored, ever in life. When his shoes are on he can pretend his toes are all trapped superheroes plotting their escape.

Why do I bother to buy him toys?

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