A little punk rock for your morning

It just occurred to me that my banner promises “punk” and that I never write about it here. So here’s a taste! Good morning blog mamas!

I was writing on BlogHer about Las ultrasónicas, a punk band from Mexico, and found a new album by their former bassist Jessy Bulbo. Here is a crazygood noise tapestry that will beat you over the head and make you like it. Drown in the overwhelming tsunami of insane feedback!!!

This is a YouTube video titled “Maldito/Jessy Bulbo@Ghetto” So I assume it’s a performance at a club or bar called Ghetto.

Here’s a little trick if you feel especially frisky and want to combine your old school riot grrl aesthetics with some mashup craziness. Open several browser windows and load up this page a couple of times. Then play the video in all the windows, starting it at different times, and the sound will layer on top of itself even more. I just tried this and I guarantee your head will break.

Enjoy, have some coffee, teach your kids to slam dance!

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6 Responses to A little punk rock for your morning

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