Things borrowed

Moomin just went over and played inside our neighbor Nukie’s house for the first time and started walking back over with things one by one. “Here’s my Pokemon cards! I think Nukie accidentally took them home.” Trot trot trot back and forth. “Here’s my light saber… here’s my dragon… here’s my lego space ship…”


I sent him into Nukie’s house with a bag and told him to bring all his “accidental” stuff back.

A couple of things about this – One is that I hate helping to look for Moomin’s things. I’ve looked for that red dragon and the light saber and the pokemon cards a zillion times! While crippled! No it is no great loss. But Nukie actually does have his own stuff. So I am going to talk with his mom when she gets home.

“I think he’s embarrassed and he’s afraid you’re going to be mad,” Moomin whispered to me as we stood outside.

“I know… well… why don’t you go back in and get some more of your things.”

That’s the other part – It appears that Moomin is perfectly aware that Nukie took his stuff and he doesn’t like it much. But with a moral flexibility I haven’t often seen him show, he’s allowing for the face-saving “forgot it wasn’t mine” explanation to prevail.

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