Woulda Coulda Dinnah

Woulda Coulda Dinnah
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Notes (very condensed) from mommyblogger dinner, pre-pre-BlogHer:

– Toy (Lisa‘s friend, podcaster, action movie person) says to watch Top Warriors 2, a documentary about action movies. Also, any movie by Chi-ling (sp?). She also ragged on me to learn a martial art and do yoga and see some movies that aren’t from 1985. I promised to blog about Top Warriors 2. We talked about Hulk and Green Lantern and I told her about Promethea & that it would make a good movie.

Donna, Mandajuice, Kari. Sat next to Kari and we talked about last year’s Blogher, Club Mom, autism/aspergers spectrum kids, then about The Unbloggable. What becomes unbloggable over time, who is reading your blog, etc. etc. And how we find ourselves telling things we need to talk about in baroque corners of the internet in the comments on other people’s blogs. Later I realized I totally knew Kari from comments, like from Koan’s blog, etc. Met Chris of big yellow house who has 7 kids. Lisa Stone. Elisa. Kristie Wells, Jen from Mommy Needs Coffee, Elkit, Mindy, Savtadotty, Gwendomama who I met at Woolfcamp, Socalmom, Jory. Talked with Jory about worky things and about writing. I would like to have a good long conversation with her about Everything, or a lot of them.

Kari and I also invented the Ultimate Blogger Tshirt, that would be one of those flexi-screen things like they keep trying to make for electronic newspapers or magazines, but with your own blog on it. “Blog on your Boobs!” (Because we kep tmeeting people and wanting to run off to our computers to look them up to see the REAL THEM.) Better yet… just have the flexiscreen with your rss reader… upside down so you can read blogs on your own shirt… handily. Like the vi cheat sheet shirt that I’ve always coveted. Anway. Kari rocks.

Talked About Everything Possible, Non Stop, All Night. Met Everyone.

That will keep happening for the next 4 days. Are you ready for it?

Ninjapoodles and Jeaneane Sessum can’t come at the last minute. SUCK… I will miss them!!!

Nakedjen and I got naked in the restaurant in a happy moment. And a fabulous setting. (Photos soon.) “Full nakedness! All joys are due to thee…” etc. Except not quite all joys. Jen’s going to Europe tomorrow and so will miss Blogher. She and I watched everyone try to leave and how they kept getting sucked back into a circle of everyone talking at once. It was beautiful to see !!!!

In the street with Mary, Grace, jenijen, and Squid, talking about books, “The Stolen Child”, Squid on about SIDS/Munchausen-by-proxy except not really and some cases in England where women were convicted on the expert testimony of one guy that having 3 babies in a row die of SIDS was impossible.

Jen told us an unbloggable story.

I decided that what I should do at blogher…or maybe woolfcamp… is tell and hear people’s unbloggable stories. What can we do with them? In a way… fiction… but only if you can fictionalize it enough. Kari and I talking about how weird it is that the most interesting complicated things are also the most hurtful to people closest to you or potentially so and yet it seems okay for total strangers to know them – problem is you don’t know who is strangers and who will remain so. Or, is that just weird? Is it a symptom of something unhealthy or wrong, that one wants to say unsayable things? Should they be so unsayable? What’s going on? I keep reading more and more Doris Lessing stories where her characters face exactly that.

If only i could remember all the other conversations!

I’ll try to go back and add links to this in the morning.

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