secret hermits, reading

Usually I get up early and hide with coffee, reading and blogging. This morning I read a chunk of Doris Lessing’s “Memoirs of a Survivor” (which I recommend to anyone who likes books where nothing happens.) I try to be quiet so as to give Rook and Moomin extra sleep & also because I like the solitude.

This morning I just realized both of them had been awake the last hour. Rook in bed lying on his stomach since his back is still sunburned, writing up notes of a role-playing game – Moomin his bed quiet as a fawn, reading comic books. We were all in separate rooms pretending the other ones didn’t exist. That’s how my mom and dad and sister and I hung out when I was growing up – in separate quiet corners – happy as toast if we can have “read night” and bring our books to the dinner table during the one time we were all in the same room.

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