Back from WisCon!

We’re back from WisCon, the feminist science fiction convention that we go to every year!

WisCon 33

Moomin hung out in the kids’ room, cut out Girl Genius paper dolls, went swimming a lot, made enormous room-sized lego battles with forts and spaceship fleets, and read a lot of books. I introduced him to Patricia C. Wrede who wrote the “Dealing with Dragons” series…

WisCon 33

And Moomin said “What! You’re PATRICIA C. WREDE!? I just want to tell you, actually, I don’t like Dealing with Dragons.”


“I LOVE Dealing with Dragons!”

It was hilarious to see Pat’s face fall and then cheer up again with the pause and punchline!

I have a lot more stories from WisCon (and from Maker Faire!) for later!

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3 Responses to Back from WisCon!

  1. elswhere says:

    Hee! What great delivery Moomin has!

    We are big fans of Dealing with Dragons over here. I was gonna be Cimorene, with long dress and crown and cookbook and stuffed dragon, for the library contingent of our neighborhood parade (library staff & friends dressed as children's book characters), but MG informed me that I could NOT be Cimorene because CIMORENE HAS LONG BLACK HAIR IN TWO BRAIDS, MOMMY, DO YOU HAVE LONG BLACK HAIR? NO! YOU DO NOT! etc. etc.

  2. Liz says:

    One word for MG! "WIG"

  3. Elin USA says:

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