Dancing with iguanas

Almost every night Rook sings “Mythical Kings and Iguanas” to Moomin.

When it’s my turn to sing I can never think of anything and besides, am not a good singer or lyrics-rememberer; so I sing the first bit of “The last unicorn“, which my dad always sang to me and my sister. I don’t remember the rest of the verses and besides, they’re too sad. If I’m feeling wacky then I substitute lots of words, or make it all about cats, or whatever. Or I can sing most of “This Land Is Your Land” a bit off-key, or “A You’re Adorable” which my grandma sang me a lot; it must have stuck somehow.

Tonight Moomin sang me a song. I had been explaining to him what beatboxing is and he was pretty excited about that idea. I’ll download him some examples and show him the Wikipedia article, maybe tomorrow.

Then we read a couple of chapters of Alice Through the Looking Glass. He liked the Walrus and the Carpenter. And, out of the blue, he offered to sing me a song.

Smart kid… my voice really does suck.

“Did you know that sometimes, actually, I’m making up songs in my head, and it’s like I can hear them.”

“No, I didn’t know… That’s pretty cool.”

So here’s his song, titled, “My Old Friend Rock and Roll”. I think he was trying to sound like Joan Jett.

Rock n roll is my friend, yeah
*guitar sounds*
Rock n roll is my friend!
*guitar sounds*

No one can stop my dancin’!
Because my old friend rock n roll
is always dancin’ with me!
*guitar sounds*

Books and rock n roll!
They’re always dancin’ with me!
They like to set me free!
My old friend rock n roll
is always dancin’ with me!
That’s why I’m dancin’, yeah, yeah!
*guitar sounds*

I cried a little. It was awesome.

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5 Responses to Dancing with iguanas

  1. minnie says:

    i just teared up a little too. that is a good song! and i can relate to the idea that books and music are like an old friend.

  2. minnie says:

    has moomin read "just so stories"?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow, what a beautiful song. And yes, I have books and music as friends too.

  4. fin says:

    In 6th grade, I stood up in front of the entire school and recited the Walrus…I still remember the first few lines.

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