dangerous boobies

babytalk magazine cover with nursing baby is wild and dangerous. I love the quote from the woman who said she put the magazine through her paper shredder to save her 13 year old son from the gross, dangerous boob-silhouette.

Somehow, the cleavage photos and side-of-the-boob photos on the cover of every supermarket checkout lane fashion magazine, those are okay. But the breast actually being used for a non-sexual purpose, that’s just unacceptable… it’s obscene…

“I don’t want my son or husband to accidentally see a breast they didn’t want to see.”


So are these insane-o chicks with the shredders and stuff, are they freaked out about Glamour or Cosmo?

The way it’s framed is also like “men are primal animals who can’t be trusted to see a breast… or else.” Or else what? What exactly is the scary thing?

What the hell lis wrong with people’s brains that they can’t think for themselves? Even if they were brought up to think that nursing babies is gross and somehow sexual, can’t they rub two neurons together to realize that’s all hooey?! Or, if they have unfortunately married or spawned men or boys whose reptilian under-brains turn them into slavering cheating rapists when they get a glimpse of some specific fetishized body part… then… they need to take a look at those men or boys and what the hell their problem is. Not forbid women to nurse babies in public.

People make fun of the LJ drama over the breastfeeding icons but it is actually a super political issue, what women get to do with their breasts. Walking around in a bikini is okay, but exposing way less of your breasts rather briefly to nurse your baby is not. It’s so annoying. Anyway, nurse-ins rock… do people not realize how fucked up it is to de-naturalize, de-humanize, breastfeeding, & how harmful worldwide the “infant formula” scam is! *all part of the same picture* – shame whole cultures into buying more crap that’s actually bad for you.

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