ears and horns

ears and horns
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I wish I’d got her earlier!! It’s overwhelming!

I”m at the community-building workshop and we’re still throwing out ideas and questions. I think that then we’ll break into smaller groups to have more focused discussion!

Met Suzanne from CUSS!!! eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

People are taking my picture a lot because of the ears.

Nancy White and Lauren Gelman are talking… Lauren talking about how Blogher helped a lot of women in law school context learn about blogging & how to use blogging for their network.

Nancy and people hopping up to ask questions and bring up issues:
– what tools, tech
– defining boundaries of the blog and what it’s meant to do
– how to get people involved when they’re not up to speed technically
– what about legal aspects of community blogging around a brand
– Ariel: how to avoid burnout
– Leah Jones “accidentally jewish”. 2nd wave adoption. (what is that?)

a videoblogger from New Media Collective talks about people of color being underrepresented in media, online, etc new media collective all people of color

I wish people would say their names a lot… it’s easy to miss

Susannah Gardner talks about her community built around answering tech questions, “my community is inherently flawed”. she gets tech questions everywhere, in the pool, at the doctor’s office, “You know, during That Exam.” *laughter from everyone*

Nancy talks about her community she started for parents of kids in the NICU.

Pages with faq info … blogs under “share your story” Oh, 2nd wave means people who are only just now starting blogs and barely know what blogging is. Simplified blog interface with “web crossing” software – simplified it, designer made a beautiful interface. people responded to it, it was a warm and friendly interface. the community was invoved in the design process. they wanted to post picture. now there’s 750 blogs on the site. social issues come up. people only just realizing that maybe don’t post a naked photo of the toddler witih full name on it b/c years from now people will google it. not the digerati, still learning about these issues. community norm developed, no blog-hogging, blog around once a day. scalabilitiy. how to keep it a community and keep it intimate. we had significant psych problem people (made up stories) we have a team of health professionals and they do data lookup. to confirm. we have people who monitor if someone’s in crisis and they refer them to professionals in their area… to resources… people are living their lives on this.

Oh, there is a wiki for this group.

Oh very interesting Nancy talking about patterns in blog communities. what is the source, how did it start/grow.

– one blogger/blog?
– central connecting/topic/group
– boundaried community.

different dynamics of power/importance/distributedness depending on source…

who controls the tools?

heh, cool tshirt “stay at home blogger” from someone who just walked in.

breakout session.

I can’t hear a damn thing and people keep not introducing themselves. and we are not in a circle. and the group is still too big. the room in noisy. people don’t talk loud (of course)

Ecto mentioned

question from ?? about Blossom. a free host, java based. is it easy to use?

open source ones. Drupal, Plone. No one defends plone, or uses it.

We often choose a free tool b/c of having no money and then the tool doesn’t scale over time

edu blogger (who?) using Moodle –

Susannah suggests getting feedback, a focus group

how many of us have started a blog and then migrated it…

holy crap i am going to KILL EVERY MUMBLER… sorry people… speak up!!!!

[My 2 communities I’m thinking about…

Jess Ferris talks about moving from blogger to moveable type. Jess from chirky.com.

I speak up. but.. doh! forgot to introudce self. talked about feministsf. net and how we are using WP and mediawiki and phpbb etc. etc. not so scalable.

someone is talking aobut… expression engine… we have 8 different typepad accounts etc…. her clients now use expression enie and it’s great. it’s an blog tool and content management system. it lets you set up blogs with custom field. you can mess with templates easier than moveable type.

I have another request for the general public: hitch up your badge. the shoelace things are too long. tie a knot at the neck. they’re in everyone’s laps! i cant tell who anyone is!

woman in green sweater wetpaint.com wikis for bloggers. how much control members have, etc. levels of access controllable. ah! maria bennett.

i ask about basecamp . lots of peopel use it! and campfire and the other tools from that company. project management. someone is talking about to-do lists and group vacations. now she has all her passport info etc. and contact info and itenerary. for future trips, very useful.

susannah: y ou ahve a messaea area, milestones, files, wiki-ish thing called writeboard. time tracking feature, v. useful for project, freelancing. all web based. it’s secure. (lots of people are chiming in to say they like or use it. ) You can invite people into each specific project and there are different individual levels of access.

basecamp not reallyk a blogging tool but it’s a good intro for non bloggers, it has comments.

I talk about usin wiki for woolfcamp, feministsf.net wiki, we dont have clear community

Maria bennet talks about wiki and structure and problems … with it bein overwhelmedn the wiki has a very specific focus. yoga in marin. invaded by spammers. had to shut down the wiki.

debbie donovan. itsyourdecision… what? medical site, product. on blogspot as our tool. she volunteered for the project. boss said “we need a blog” this is about permanent birthcontrol. wha can we do to build traffic. we moved the blog up on the web pae and are starting to get traffic. we can’t link to people because the FDA says that it’s part of our labelling (?)

me: what about commenting… do they also regulate that? so, the fda regs interfere with your ability to do stuff with the blog…

*10 min break*

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