All These Gals in the Same Room!

All These Gals in the Same Room!
Originally uploaded by Karianna.

I really love this photo – it captures what it felt like last night. We were all vivacious and bubbly, passing the babies around, talking non-stop, sipping our margaritas, and giggling. BlogHer is going to be a huge blast!

Karianna and I were talking about how much we all love to talk: we’re self selected to be opinionated loudmouths, who swim upstream against what we’re supposed to be doing . . . because mommyblogging really is a radical act. So being around each other in real life, it’s like the air is snapping with energy! Super amazing.

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5 Responses to All These Gals in the Same Room!

  1. gwendomama says:

    LizI think I am all giddy with love for you and all my new girlfriends!

  2. gwendomama says:

    BLOGRRLFRIENDS!i am brilliant.

  3. Kari says:

    That was such an amazing night. Now that my computer is working again, I can revisit it on the web – whoo!

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  5. Bella says:

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