Power to the skate punks

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I would like to say thank you to the nice middle school skater punks outside North Star Academy who at my request walked through the building to open the door on the other side for me so that I could park close to the elevator and go into the building on my crutches.

If any of them ever read this, I chewed out the mean teacher in room 142 who chewed them out and I complained about her actions to the school administration. She clearly assumed I was a juvenile delinquent just like she did for you. IMHO you are self motivated athletes and should be proud and also should get some respect from adults… not treated with hostility.

This is of course the same teacher who never opens the door for me when I bang on it or when I make motions at her through the glass and I am on crutches or in my wheelchair. She yelled at me a bunch last fall for opening the door on the Forbidden Side of the building and for using the elevator and she also has more than once challenged who am I and what am I doing there and would not believe me when I said I was a parent of a student at the school.


Also I do not care if skaters sometimes damage curbs. Why not just build a couple of extra curbs or rails good to skate on? But no… on the one hand school districts complain that kids are not exercising and then when they do… ban them. SO UNFAIR. I hear that walking on sidewalks also wears them out. Also that driving on roads causes potholes. Also that if you put benches in a park people might sit on them when they are tired. Ummm whatEVER. Things.. and places… they are meant to be used by people.

The principal was nice and listened to my complaint, but he didn’t get it… I … and those kids… are community members and should not be treated like criminals. I have gone to the playground behind the school for 8 years now and so do a lot of other local people. It’s a peaceful place and I’ve never seen anyone doing any vandalism or anything wrong. Instead people show up and play basketball, ride bikes, skateboards, and use the playground. So to go on about “liability” is nonsense.

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