estate sale apron… thanks, dead lady

This weekend I made two pumpkin pies, with whole wheat pie crust that was about 90% made of butter.


I was not only a baking goddess for one afternoon… but I also made a nice dinner… Which I don’t usually do. The normal routine is: I feed Moomin some chicken nuggets and carrots, or frozen pizza, or mac n cheese, or some other embarrassingly non-ideal “food”. Then I fix myself something which is often one of those organic frozen dinners, or just bread and fancy cheese. Rook comes home later and rustles up some kind of other non-ideal food. In short, I shop but don’t often cook. If I do then it’s a big pot of soup that we eat all week, or a kind of half-assed chicken casserole.

When I am a little bit stressed out though, or have been working too hard, I cook to relax. And to assuage my guilt over being a slacker on the whole “housewife” front.

As I set out placemats the other night and flew between steak (Rook), tuna steak (me) and mac-n-cheese (Moomin) … I felt comfortingly like I was channelling my mom… I thought of how she taught me to set the table JUST SO. So I folded paper napkins, arranged everything in a (my)Mom-like way, and had a sense of essential rightness.

We sat and ate together and had Conversation. Moomin squirmed like hell, didn’t eat anything, and was annoying as all getout. I do not like to hear other people chewing, and I like to sit quietly at a table eating with a book propped in front of me.

There’s no way I’m doing this family dinner thing every night. Once a month, maybe!

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