Who’s your mama?

at stoplight in truck
Originally uploaded by Liz Henry.

What would you think if this was your mom?

Luckily Moomin seems to think I am completely normal.

At his school the other day a little boy came up to me, stood on one leg, and shyly asked, “Are you a movie star?” “No… I just have silly hair.” “Why do you have silly hair?” “Because I think it’s fun.” “Oh!!!!!” (said in tone of complete enlightenment)

They are all familiar with the sight of me at this point, waiting outside the classroom with my laptop open and tappety-tapping, on days when I get to school early!

I can’t really fathom how my mild sartorial freakitude and increasingly conspicuous haircut will affect Moomin socially. I do wonder about it, but I have no solid answers.

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