Furniture on the street

orphaned bureau
Originally uploaded by Liz Henry.

I always want to haul away furniture on the street and find it a home. I had to stop myself today. There’s no room in our house, and I even have a battered old chest of drawers outside on the porch for garden tools. Plus, I don’t have a truck anymore to do the hauling.

Surely someone will give this bureau a good home!

I also feel grateful to the people who put it out on the street for free. It’s a nice thing to do. Maybe they just couldn’t get it to the dump, but I like to think they didn’t want it to be wasted.

If only every neighborhood, every city block, had a community center. It would have workshops, and car-fixing tools, and a huge “free stuff” room. Seriously, every single block. Why not? Have a caretaker live in it rent-free.

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