games day at the library

I had a really nice game day at the library. I played Upwords with Eliz and Moomin (Eliz won; score 83-82-75). Then was going to play Terra, but this kind of annoying guy in a beret came to join us, and he smelled so bad (I was sitting next to him) that I had to bow out. Apparently he was a fine game player, but he gave me the creeps! He also gave me his card, and he’s a face painter at children’s parties. Er. Fine. But next time take a bath. Really gross and moldy!

Instead I played King of the Beasts, and Fluxx, and Beasts again, and Fight the Power, with a teenager in a tshirt that had a cat with rainbow wings. He was a nice guy, a bit awkward and shy. Also, very nice and patient with Moomin. His dice game was a free one from Cheapass Games – and is great. You can play it anywhere with 4 dice each, trying to win by losing all your dice or getting 8 dice. I walked around the room a bunch to talk with people and see their games. Rook played a game about eating barbecued worms, another dice game. But didn’t put it back where he got it, and it was handmade and someone’s wedding present, and she noticed and kind of freaked out and told him off. And then as we were leaving she was bitching about us to someone in charge. Oh dear!

Eliz and Moomin and I ducked out of the loud chaotic games room to read books in the library, which was great… their reading area in the children’s room by the window was comfy. I read a ways into a Swallows and Amazons book about them being on a marshy island to map it. Eliz read a book about castles and Moomin read Homocidal Psycho Jungle Cat.

The room was so loud I have a massive headache. I might be getting a cold. Sure hope not… or I hope it’s over by the time I go to Austin! But I want to go to z-amber’s pirate/ninja party. Which imprudently I told Moomin about so now he wants to go really bad. He will fall asleep in the car on the way there, and be kind of annoying the rest of the night… I can tell this in advance.

A little coffee and tylenol …

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