Biotech comix

Another note on “Biotech comix”, a comic book from 1983. From the art and from the storyline and the writing style… it really looks like Roberta Gregory!

It’s about a biotech worker who gets fed up with her job and with dating men. So she invents the perfect companion, a giant teddy bear named Tom. He can dance, he’s full of enthusiasm, he’s polite in company, he’s good in bed, and he’s very loving. I don’t think he talks, but the comic book isn’t in front of me at the moment…

At first, other people react to Tom Teddy with various levels of prejudice. But other women start to ask her for their own teddies. Men freak out! Women have glorious interludes on hippietastic farms, eating grapes and dancing naked in flowering fields and having great sex with giant, powerful, attentive bears! The sex scene poses totally give it away… the art is right between her drawing style in “Winging It” and “Artistic Licentiousness”.

Anyway, back to the plot: the women start to secede from society. The economy is destroyed and real estate prices drop, so they buy up the whole west coast and destroy all the shopping malls and parking lots, or something. (To make room for more fields of daisies.) Men then try to invent the female teddy sexbot in a tutu, but fail. Their society falls apart from there being no nurses or cleaning ladies or housewives, and from their devotion of all remaining resources to building huge bombs and fighting the Reds. (Remember it’s 1983.)

I must make sure Roberta Gregory’s stuff in general is on the site… Winging It, Sheila and the Unicorn, etc.

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