getting the message

Moomin has this book called “Teasing” and in it the Brother bear teases the little Sister bear and then gets teased himself at school by Too-Tall and his gang, and doesn’t like it. Then big fat Milton Bear, the new kid, gets teased but turns out to be a pro wrestler, kicks Too-Tall’s butt, and wins a wrestling trophy (in that alternate talking bear universe where elementary school children wear wrestling costumes and have semi-professional teams).

Moomin mentioned the other day how he loved this book. “Great, honey!” “I learned a lot from it!” “Wow that’s fantastic!” “Yeah, mom, I learned that, if you get teased, you should make some friends who are really, really big and strong.”

It’s not like I could deny the wisdom of it… even if it wasn’t meant to be the point of the book!

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