Happy Mother’s Day

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Happy Mothers Day to Minnie!

I just got back to town from a trip for work. I’m told that Moomin has a present for me. Can’t wait! Will it be built out of popsicle sticks? *hoping*

The trip was great, though I got exhausted and melted down a couple of times. I had fun at the hack day and stayed up way too late in strange hotel rooms — drinking rum, giggling overtime.

So I spent most of today in transit. Since I had to wait a few hours at the airport, I got a pedicure at a very strangely fancy spa. This strikes me as a great idea. There you are trapped at a boring airport for hours, feeling miserable and stressed. Why not blow 40 bucks on a long foot and calf massage!

*Oh I just got the present and it’s a coathanger wrapped in pink paper with a pink string and a heart dangling from it. It’s so perfect!

Just think, very soon Minnie’s snorfily little baby is going to make her a craft project made out of a half a milk carton with crepe paper glued on!

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9 Responses to Happy Mother’s Day

  1. minnie says:

    i can not effing wait!

  2. Sj says:

    Dang, that's a cute pic. I wish there was a little more Minnie in it.

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    Happy mothers day

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