imaginary treehouses

I took a break from working and feel a lot better now. Moomin and I played in his “secret clubhouse” under the lemon tree. He explained his plan to install a real elevator up to the top of the tallest tree we could see, where he will build a house out of cardboard and will live with his godzilla monsters, transformers, and robots.

His love of solitude and monsters bodes well for his geeky future, don’t you think?

We ate ice cream bars and started the long planned book about the life cycle and social organization of tiger mice, which he invented about a month ago. Tiger mice are sort of like mice, but are striped like tigers, and they’re fierce.

Rook is home early and now they’re watching Return of the Jedi, with pizza. I realized how deep my guilt and stress was running… and Rook was asking “what can I do to help?” and so I asked him to pay lots of attention to Moomin. That way I don’t feel like a rotten parent even though I’m doing the bare minimum, most days, lately.

I’m doing some crucial blogging, chocolate-eating, and nethack-playing. Badgerhilda the Valkyrie is about to go postal on some newts, kobolds, and grid bugs y’all.

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