More really bad words for Moomin

Moomin’s been joking around with his dad about “bad words” for months now. They giggle about “the A word”. Which, as I mentioned before, is “antidisestablishmentatianism”. And if you forget what that means it is being against taking down some established institution.

Now we have the “O word”, which they try to trick each other into saying.

“Hey, dad, I was just thinking about how there are some words that sound like what they are, I mean, uh, hmm…”

‘You mean onomatopoeia?”

“HAHAHA you said the o word! You said onomatopoeia!”

So this week with help from my coworkers I picked out some new ones. We have an H word:


SCORE!!! The best word ever! It means “the fear of long words”!

It is not that hard to remember.

Hippopoto — picture a hippo, obviously
monstro – a really monstrously big one
sesqui – I can’t help you, just remember it
pedalio – Kind of like “pedal”
phobia – obvious

Hey presto, you can remember it. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia.

Next we’ll work on the F word. Are you ready for the F word?


Hard, but really not so bad.

Flocci (say it with a hard c)
nauci (now-c, or naw-c)
nihili (like nihilist; but accent the middle syllable)
pili (easy)
fication (also easy)

It means “making something sound worthless”.

There you go. Now you have two incredibly fabulous words. Teach them to every child you know.

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