old hippie expounds to high school students

The public library “outdoor internet cafe” hops with action after school gets out. Here, a greasy-haired hippie guy amiably tells stories about how his friends died from shooting up and how he would never shoot up. Half of them listen; the other half are texting busily on their cell phones.

I asked some of the girls next to me if they had myspaces… they giggled, looked at me like I was crazy… and said no.

It’s a pleasant place to work out here despite the cars going by. The librarians blast out some really soothing cafe music to their outside speakers. Earlier this morning, some jazzy acoustic guitar, and for the last hour or so, music from India.

I cannot help but worry a little about the mildly crazed old longhair hanging out with the kids. But perhaps other people think the same of me, (and y’all know I’m harmless enough) and he is a well-intentioned guide to Adult Life for the kids in the ‘hood. Maybe he’s their soccer coach, or someone’s dad. Or just an old guy like my uncle, who could easily be hanging out on the street smoking out with with high school kids if he didn’t have family to take care of him.

It’s absolutely fascinating here. I want to come back here and eavesdrop some more, another day.

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