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friends on a fish
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Dear Moomin,

I am in Stockholm, Sweden right now. I am going to
be playing games on the weekend, but today I have
just been seeing sights around the city with some
Danish people I am now friends with. Today we went
to see a huge old ship that they have in a museum
here, that is called the “Warship Vasa“. It is
over 300 years old, and it is nearly five stories
high (much bigger than our house).

I love you and I miss you. See you on Tuesday.

– Rook

Dear Dad,

What is that ship you were talking to me about? 5 stories high! Anyway,
300 years old is way older than me, because I’m only 6 and it’s 300! And
really that might be a little cool, you know!

Also, Hamster got to come over and we went over to Buck’s, which is one of
my favorite restonauts
! Anyway, there are lots of statues hanging from
the ceiling for some strange reason. Well, I call them statues because
they kind of look like them. Anyway, they even have a statue of New York,
but it’s not hanging from the ceiling. Also, for dinner at Buck’s, I had
grilled cheese, gummy frogs, and also, fruit! Anyway, that dinner was
quite yummy all right. I’ll say.



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