Barack Skywalker rules the back seat

Moomin’s friend Hamster asked me today who I was going to vote for. Then he asked if I knew who Dick Cheney was and if I thought that “Darth Cheney” was a funny name for him because he wasn’t a very good person to be in charge. Of course, I laughed and said yes. There were some more questions about my politics and about Clinton vs. Obama vs. McCain.

Great, I have a cold, and nasty cramps, and I’m driving down 101 trying to explain about the War and health insurance and abortion rights to two 7-year-olds in the back seat who spend most of their waking hours discussing which Pokemon could kick which Transformer’s butt, or saying the word “wiener” over and over and giggling…

It cheered me up hugely when they made up a new movie!!

In their funny movie, George Bush would be the Sith Lord, and Dick Cheney would be Darth Cheney. Clinton would be Princess Leia and Obama would be Luke Skywalker. They could not figure out who would be R2D2.

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