Proud at the crosswalk

crossing guard
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On the way to school today, Moomin was freaking out a little that I was dropping him off. Would I be able to figure out exactly where his dad drops him off, not at the bottom of the hill, and not at the top, and sort of in a sort of parking lot but not really, and he will try to show me? (What? No.) Was he late? (Almost.) Was I going to walk up the hill with him, like I used to?

No – instead I parked across the street and explained I’d watch him cross at the corner with the crossing guard. “That’s what the crossing guard is for. It doesn’t matter exactly where you get dropped off, as long as you know where to go.” “Are you sure, Mom?” “Yes.”

He walked across the street, deliberate and slow, with his back very straight and his chin up . . . I could see he was scared but proud to be crossing the street by himself. And at the other side he gave me a thumbs-up.

I was so proud of him!

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