The apple doesn’t fall far from the mom

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Scenes from yesterday:

“Moomin, put the book down. Drink your juice.”
“Aaaa! Look out! Your elbow is in the yogurt! Maybe if you stop reading at breakfast…”
“Please get dressed. Put down the comic book.”
“Please get dressed. Not reading time. Getting dressed! Time for school! Arrrrgh!”
“Stop with the book. Dressed. Now. Put a bookmark in it. Socks, shoes, then read.”
“You’re getting the… Oh! Aaaaa! Book DOWN!”

“Okay okay okay mom! I’m stopping, I’m…..”

*protests trail off as he goes slackjawed at the appearance of Dr. Magneto or something, while stepping on his homework and continuing to read*

*I extract the book from his hands and firmly bookmark it*

later in the day
“Okay now… bedtime, pajamas. How about getting ready.”
Child wanders into bedroom, book open, naked.

Ten minutes later I stop reading my own book and go to see if he’s ready
“Hey, you’re still naked. Time to get dressed. Put down the book.”

(Repeat several times)

Around 11:30pm last night I was brushing my teeth with one hand while reading “Memoirs of Madame La Tour du Pin” with the other and vaguely thinking “Isn’t it funny how this Tom’s of Maine toothpaste tastes so weird and bland … but you get kind of used to it … HEY!!!! BLECH!!!!!!”

I was brushing my teeth with diaper rash ointment.

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9 Responses to The apple doesn’t fall far from the mom

  1. Mac says:

    oops! how's that again.

    • h b says:

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  2. DrumsNWhistles says:

    I have been meaning to drop a comment here for the longest time and tonight finally did it for me! LOL…and I think that I should arrange a marriage right now between your son and my daughter. She's only a few years older than he is. :)I love reading about your adventures and fun with him, and I completely relate to how you feel about the school.

  3. Ms. Jen says:

    The best part is that you are a family of book worms, folks after my own heart and reading… The second best part is that the diaper rash oinment in question is named "Butt Paste"!Hi Liz! I hope all is well!

  4. Mary Tsao says:

    Multitasking gone awry!

  5. Deborah says:

    Hahahaha! Thats really gross! I most certainly hope that that doesn't happen again…

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  7. h b says:

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