Snowflakes, 50 cents!

snowflakes, 50 cents!
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Moomin and his friend Izzy just made snowflakes, funny hats, ornaments, and booklets. I think they made about $2.50 each.

I love when kids sell stuff that they made. The snowflakes were the most popular at either a quarter or 50 cents each. And I bet people will take them home, tape them up in the window, and actually enjoy them!

There is just something so cool about the way they get excited about setting up their display, and the hope of maybe someone walking by. I remember it well. After I sold my lemonade or rocks or whatever it was, my friend Chrissy and I would go to the IGA corner store and buy 5 cent candies. Don’t I sound old? Moomin is almost old enough to walk to the Whole Foods with a friend, but what the heck would they buy? An organic chocolate bar for $4.99?

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