The truth about sleepovers

Just got off the phone with SuperT.

“Soooo, maybe a sleepover?”

“Great! Yes!”


“My house or your house?”


“My house.”

“Woo, cool! Thanks! I was just thinking how it would be nice to have a Saturday morning…”

“Haha, I’m a morning sex person too!”

“Oh me too. It’s not like it’s not possible, with cartoons and all, but that can be sort of tense.”

“You know it.”

We understand each other well… That’s what friends are for! Anyway, that’s the real story behind sleepovers. They rock because the people whose house the sleepover isn’t at get to have a raucous fabulous time.

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4 Responses to The truth about sleepovers

  1. Sue Richards says:

    "What with cartoons and all….."Bugs Bunny will never be the same!

  2. Jhonbishop says:

    Usually I do sleep over at my friends place when I need assignment assistance as I am not a good researcher so I had to take his help. So we spend whole night searching then sleep at morning.

  3. Miriam Mosley says:

    Looks like you are having a good time. Just make sure that the person is honest with you. They could be sleeping at different places different days if they decide to sleep with you only one day a week. The world is full of cheaters.Louvre Tours

  4. Dipietro says:

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