A half-baked invention and some poetry

pacman cookies
Originally uploaded by Liz Henry.

What about space invaders cookie cutters? Wouldn’t that be great?

These Pac Man cookies are hand shaped, but they would make some prettty rad cookie cutters too. Quick! To the Badger-factory where all my half-baked inventions manifest themselves, earning me millions of dollars!

Oh wait, there is no Badger-factory. Darn.

And so to poetry. Tune in to 91.5, KKUP, Cupertino, from 8-9pm tonight to hear me read a lot of poems and probably say some asinine, pompous things about poetry on J.P. Dancing Bear’s radio show, “Out of Our Minds”. Can I do it? Can I say anything but “Blargh!”, which will be interpreted – fortunately – as a mandate for young poets to get out there and BLOG?

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