thoughts on abortion rights

I enjoyed yellowjellybean’s thoughts on Molly Saves the Day’s post on how to do abortions. I went to a menstrual extraction workshop years ago when abortion rights in TX were seriously threatened. It’s probably time to start looking into that sort of thing again, as well as smuggling morning-after pills into the states which are outlawing abortion.

But maybe a better idea (?) to raise travel money and organize crash pads for women in those states, to get them access to the safest medical care possible. That might work too — no one right solution but a variety of approaches. I feel like this is all happening super fast. This time next year what will the map of the US look like, by abortion-legal and illegal states?
In many states it’s already so hard to get one that it might as well be illegal. Maybe forcing things to a head is going to … well it scares me… how bad does it have to get? At what point are we ready for massive civil disobedience, and jail time, to save women’s lives…

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