We could look it up!

My favorite words! Coming out of the mouth of my kid! As we were driving along home from Lego camp I remarked (thinking of his missing toys and bicycle) that maybe it is possible to buy lego sets with motors in them.

Moomin: Maybe it is! We could look it up, online!
Me: Okay well when we get home we could look on Amazon.
Moomin: Or on Wikipedia!
Me: !!!!!

It’s so great! I can’t imagine what it is like to grow up right now when so much information is so easily available… much more information than just where to buy toys. And I am totally going to buy him some motorized Legos.

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8 Responses to We could look it up!

  1. Jenny says:

    Hah! I have that same conversation with my yahoos almost daily. Can't remember a Pokemon evolution? Wikipedia or the online Pokedex! Want to know how long a Burmese python would be at 9 months old? Google it! Woooo!

  2. Mom101 says:

    I can't even imagine what things will be like when my kids are old enough to know about things like Wikipedia. By then they'll just burn all the info right into their retinas or something.

  3. Jas says:

    Hi!I know what you mean. My 6-year old always tells me to check it up on the internet whenever I give up and tell him I don't know!Also, I would like to pass along a little book which has given me encouragement during my own days of pregnancy, after-birth blues, and when my babies-turn-climbing-terrors days. It's a very cute collection of quotes by mommies, daddies on mommies. If you know of anyone who might need some gentle encouragement, do let me know, so I can send this to them and say it's from you!There are some pictures of the booklet and pages for you to read at my blog.Kind RegardsJasCoffee, Tea or Baabooo

  4. Another Chance to Ge says:

    My sister [age 8] is in a question asking phase–my mother, the other day, mentioned that Jessie can use the computer as well as anyone, so I had an idea. "Jessie," I said, "have you ever been to wikipedia?" With conviction she replied, "I hate Wikipedia!"I was bowled over [who hates Wikipedia??],so I asked why, and she replied with a smug, "Wikipedia is bad for research."I am just thirteen years older than her, yet it amazes me how different her world is–when I was her age, I had to look up all of my information in Funk & Wagnalls!

  5. Mrs. Who says:

    Hi, Just found your blog through the blogher ads (checking about getting mine on my blog!) and, as a librarian, HAD to make a comment. Wikipedia is the bane of librarian's existence. The information can be revised by anyone, so there is no way to be sure it is correct. I try to teach my elementary students to use kid-safe search engines, like these: http://www.dixie.fcps.net/search.htm and some of them actually do!!

  6. Liz says:

    But Mrs. Who. Similarly there is no way to check if the information in a book is correct. Therefore it is about teaching students to look at authorship and sources and to use their own judgment. A printed encyclopedia could come from anywhere; editors can be morons; think of the very horrible incorrect textbooks out there and the dumbed-down history. Waht you are saying is like saying "The printing press is the bane of a librarian's existence."

  7. Oh Baby Gifts says:

    I agree with Liz. Although you wont find many mistakes in the encyclopedia the wikipedia is also user controlled. Thousands of people maintain it so if anyone posts something that is wrong, it is usually taken down right away. And it beats buying a new encyclopedia every year too 🙂

  8. Captain Blog says:

    Hi!captain blog (aka signora blog) friend of squid talking here… we met at the last leelo's birthday party..my son Moon was also at Lego Camp (with an aide) last week. Too bad that we missed each other. He loves lego and had a blast.